Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace

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There are a variety of electric fireplaces to choose from for your home or business. There are floor-mounted and wall mounted fireplaces as well as corner units that are excellent space savers. You can choose to recess the fireplace or mount it on the wall. Many prefer a zero-clearance install for their electric fireplace.

Facts on Zero Clearance Electric Fireplaces

  • This beauty of this type of fireplace is that it can be enclosed using combustible materials.
  • Most building materials may also be installed against the actual body of the fireplace with no fear of heat damage or combustion.
  • Zero clearance fireplaces have a greater amount of insulation than masonry fireplaces. This added insulation makes it unnecessary to leave a buffer zone between your fireplace and combustible materials. This allows it to fit into tighter spaces than other appliances.
  • Some fireplaces that might require the installation of various non-combustible materials, including framing and metal studs, for the different parts of the enclosure. 
  • Your zero clearance electric fireplace comes with gradient flames and a traditional log set, both designed specifically for your electric fireplace. 
  • When it comes time to install your zero clearance electric fireplace, make sure you hire a certified installer. This will ensure the warranty of the product stays intact and the installation lasts for a number of years. 

View Our Complete Line-Up of Zero Clearance Electric Fireplaces

zero-clearance electric fireplace

Dozens to Choose From

As you can see from our online catalogue, we have dozens of zero clearance electric fireplaces. There are other styles to suit your tastes and your space. Many of them are on sale right now! You can save hundreds of dollars, so shop today!

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